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Random Drugs Table

UVG is all about exploring strange landscapes, having new experiences. ... and taking drugs!

Roll a d6 for type and d6 for specific drug within the type. Some drugs are more addictive than others.

Addiction levels and XP:

Slightly addictive: Saving Throw (ST) with advantage only after repeated usage. 50 XP

Addictive: ST with advantage every time the drug is taken. 100 XP

Highly addictive: ST every time. 150 XP

1 Upper

1 Neon Dip: Root bark of biomechanical baobabs

Application: Chewed, spit frequently for expression of extra confidence

Effect: Confidence, ↑on social rolls

Duration: Up to a maximum of one day, as long as it is chewed.


Withdrawal symptoms: Dry mouth, self-consciousness


2 Host of the Vile Mother: Crystal wafer blessed by Pleurite Cultists

Application: Dissolved on tongue

Effect: Clarity of thought, obsessive focus on a task. Gain an additional action at a location and while making camp.

Duration: 1h

Slightly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: Meaningless epiphanies, religious flashbacks at inopportune moments


3 Golden Amber: Rectangular amber of condensed beaver sweat

Application: Placed under the tongue where it takes root with dozens of tiny claws after about 10 minutes. Can’t be removed before the effect transpires unless by force (painful).

Effect: Mild euphoria, tunnel vision, hyperactivity, 2 attacks / rd, motor mouth, mumbling

Duration: Lasts for a week. The pearl sweats and shrinks slowly until it disappears.         

Highly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: Lethargy, insomnia, cold sweat, always acting last in combat


4 Atomic Bee Honey (ABH): Honey made from Uranium Sun Flower pollen collected by atomic bees

Application: Ingested, often as honey laced bacon (increase addiction level) or dissolved in tea

Effect: Intense euphoria, tingling of the spine, sweating

Duration: d6 hours


Withdrawal symptoms: Tinnitus (phantom buzzing sound) ↓on perception


5 Soma Bliss: Juice of the Cubic Shroom found near the core of nuclear power plant ruins

Application: Drops of the juice in a cup of lurk warm water

Effect: enhanced taste, smell and touch, all other senses are dimmed, drowned out by a warm light and the resonance of a gong.

Duration: d6 hours

Highly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, random phantom taste in stressful situations

(roll d4: 1 whole habanero, 2 Surströmming, 3 whole lemon, 4 Marmite) pass a relevant check or play out how the character loses their shit.


6 Nexus Vapor (Medicine of the Singing Ancestors): Aluminum capsules from the long ago, filled with a pink vapor, found in the brutalist ruins of the Lime Steppe

Application: Inhaled

Effect: Urge to dance, heartbeat speeds up and is amplified in users head, feeling hunger / thirst suppressed for 24h

Duration: All night long

Slightly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: Restlessness, trembling hands,  ↓on relevant checks. 

2 Downer

1 Tear of the Black Mummy: Dark viscous liquid extracted from the microwaved mummies of the mountain necropoli. Illegal in most places, considered blasphemous by most Lime Nomad clans. TBM is sold in damp rags: The liquid has to be squeezed out before use.

Application: Eye drops

Effect: Death like state, life changing experience (raise ST permanently by 1 / only once),

Duration: Lasts d6h


Withdrawal symptoms: Resting face, nightmares of dying, light sensitivity


2 Third-Ling Pipeweed (Lemon Haze): Sativa-dominant hybrid cultivated by Third-Ling farmers, fermented fluffy leaves and /or golden buds

Application: Rolled up in thin paper (any holy scripture will do) and smoked

Effect: Relaxation, sensory distortion, urge to come up with wild theories (at referees discretion there is a 1 in 6 chance of the theory being right), the munchies

Duration: 1h

Slightly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: Short term memory deficiency, 50XP if that gets the character in trouble


3 Near Moon Poppy: Seeds of the Near Moon Poppy grinded to a paste and dried

Application: Smoked (often in a long stemmed pipe) while lying down (preferably on a diwan)

Effect: Intense pleasure, relaxation followed by deep sleep, heals all hp

Duration: d8h

Highly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: Dilated pupils and blurry vision, nausea


4 Autumn Leaves: The fermented leaves of the Rust Juniper tree

Application: Chewed

Effect: Melancholy. Evokes bitter sweet memories of childhood or adolescent. 50XP for a description of the memory.

Duration: As long as it is chewed with a maximum of 1h


Withdrawal symptoms: Mood swings


5 White Moth Dust The pollen found on the wings of the White Moth

Application: Snorted

Effect: Stupor. Puts the user in the midst of a storm of fluttering wings, that are white on one side and black on the other, evoking a three-dimensional version of static on old tv-sets. Very relaxing to body and mind.

Duration: d6h


Withdrawal symptoms: blankly staring into the middle distance for minutes at a time, especially when asked for an opinion about important caravan decisions.


6 Golden Flower: Paste made from the spines and flowers of the Cretaceous Cactus 

Application: Paste applied on dagger, infused into the bloodstream by ritual cuts

Effect: Dream walking. Allows for communication over vast distances. The dream walker may also attempt to plant false memories (relevant check).

Duration: As long as the sleep is uninterrupted

Highly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: 1 in 6 chance of spontaneous bleeding from old cuts at inopportune moments ↓ on relevant checks. 


3 – 6 Psychedelia

1 Brain Bleach or Spunk a.k.a WMD (wraaknemende medische druppels): Viscous white liquid. Synthetic drug accidently concocted by Prof. Tessa Hetebrij who wanted to make a nutritious breakfast spread for the workers of Zwaar Ijzer Patronaat (Z.I.P.). She discovered its hallucinogenic properties when the morning shift at Z.I.P. undressed and began to creatively rearrange the machines. Many former workers left the Redlands and now live in a hippie death cult.

Application: Nasal (nose drops)

Effect: Reality dissolves in a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s beautiful!

Duration: d20 h

Slightly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: None but 1 in 6 chance of brain damage per usage. (-1 INT)


2 Neuro-Jizz: A tiny vome that is placed in the ear where it crawls into the brain. Neuro-Jizz is programmed by Golem-coders and tinkers around the circle sea.

Application: Inserted into the ear.

Effect: Every vome is slightly different but all have trippy visuals similar to pictures generated by deep learning networks. Everything might be interpreted as cats. Or has eyes. Or both.

Duration: d6 h

Slightly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: None, but save or gain vome corruption per usage.


3 Mandelbrood: Flatbread made from Black Hole Wheat, baked in mobile math-labs that are run by nomads in the Umberlands.

Application: Eaten (often with humus, feta and black olives)

Effect: Reality dissolves. Infinite zoom into a Mandelbrot set.

Duration: d6 h


Withdrawal symptoms: Picky eater


4 Shattered Veil: Stinger of the Glass Scorpion

Application: Injected into the eyeball

Effect: Oracle, reveals a dangerous incident from the future - which is immediately forgotten but allows player to resist the negative consequences of an action (upon which the character remembers the oracle)

Duration: 10 minutes

Highly Addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: hysterical blindness (1 in 6 in stressful situations)


5 Vacuum Wings: Vial with black starry liquid.

Application: Injected in bloodstream with syringe.

Effect: Void Projection. The mind goes on a voyage through the void, visits (roll d3:) 1 the fast stars, 2 ancient abandoned space ships or even 3 the slow stars far away. 50XP per destination

Duration: d6 h (add a destination per 1h of travel)


Withdrawal symptoms: Eyes permanently turn black and reflect the starry void. ↑on social checks.


6  Blessings of the Shroom Mother: A bitter concoction brewed from three of the most potent fungi of the Grasslands. Getting the balance between all these shrooms right is tricky and seldomly achieved. Most of the time one of them will dominate.

Application: Three drops of the potion in sweet tea.

Effect: All effects only happen in the user’s mind. However, when the user travels to the void, they can bring one item back to the Grasslands.

Upon drinking the potion the user feals as if hit by a donkey kick in the face (and roll d4):

1 The Doom Shroom: Hit by the donkey again. [The lights go out and] head is filled with drone guitar feedbacks.

2 The Vroom Shroom: Another kick but in the butt, the user is propelled forward at ludicrous speed and can scout ahead. The player will see all random encounters for the next leg of the journey and decide for the caravan to either avoid them all together or pick which one they will have.

3 The Zoom Shroom: Kicked in the butt and propelled 150 ft upwards. They are able to see as far as the horizon and identify all discoveries of the next destination. They stay up there for the duration of the trip upon which they slowly descend.

4 The Mother Shroom: All effects happen at the same time [except those in brackets]. In short: They turn into a rocket, while drone metal is playing. The 150ft maximum height doesn’t apply anymore. Reaching the fast stars takes 3h, the Moon is 6h away.


Duration: d6 h

Slightly addictive

Withdrawal symptoms: None, but there is a 1 in 6 chance of permanently changing into a Fungoid with every use. 






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